He is an elite-master level- powerlifter holding multiple World Records across multiple federations-IPO*APC*IPO

Coach Johnson trains serious athletes from our powerlifting team  M-F at 7PM!

For more information or to join the team contact us today! All ages and fitness levels welcome-with a commitment to strength and hardwork required!

Meet The Team


Valerie Smith is our new director of training. She has 20+ years in the fitness industry. She personally competes in obstacle races and powerlifting. She is a masterlifter,  USPA judge and holds multiple world records. If you are interested in training with any of our coaches please contact her directly 508-614-0268 

 Jonathan Casas holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from The University of North Georgia, and is currently working on a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Brenau University! He is passionate about all things fitness, how the human body works, and how to optimize physical performance. He specializes in martial arts training, metabolic conditioning (i.e. HIIT and kettlebell training), and corrective exercise (i.e. rehab from sports related injuries, overuse injuries, etc). tions or concerns, Train smart, and God bless!

  • One on One Personal Training Sessions

  • High-Intensity Interval Training Class

Sorrell Crawford is the founder and CEO of Fitness of Atlanta. Mr. Crawford is an Atlanta native and lifelong athlete. He helped lead his high school basketball team to the state championship where his team was narrowly defeated. Mr. Crawford went on to receive a full scholarship to play basketball at UNLV Las Vegas, Nevada. He then transferred to the University of Wisconsin, also on a scholarship to play basketball with the Badgers, and work on his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management. Mr. Crawford left college early to play professional basketball in Europe. Due to major injuries he was forced to retire early. Subsequently, Mr. Crawford has used his extensive knowledge of health, fitness sports and sports training to manage several gyms such a L.A. Fitness and World Gym. Capitalizing on his vast experience and training, Mr. Crawford has generated a base of more than 100 clients.

Mr. Crawford is certified by the International Fitness Association (IFA), the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and Sports and Group Training. He is also certified in CPR and AED.

Mr. Crawford has worked with professional ball players and celebrities, as well as student athletes, children, and men and women of all ages.

 As a Personal Trainer, Mr. Crawford will guide you to the fitness level you desire, whether that is weight loss, body transformation, strength and conditioning, or fitness endurance.

Crystal Barrett is passionate about fitness and health. Joined my first gym 15 years ago and have been

hooked ever since. I’ve also been competitively bodybuilding for the last 5 years now and have placed\

well enough to have been nationally qualified in every show I’ve done. I’ve learned a lot about training

and nutrition over the years and would love to help you out! Lifestyle or competition prep available.

Coach Drew McCormack-Everything crossfit, olylifting and new programs for kids.

Coach Ponce is our Beast Body Bootcamp coach. He is God-fearing, hardcore and here to motivate everyone to be their best. He specializes in strength and conditioning exercises in a circuit setting. He loves running. weight training and boxing.

-beginner to advanced fitness level

Tyler Hudson  is a former College Football Player turned Bodybuilder. 

Specializes in Sports Performance training and Bodybuilding.

Introducing professional boxer Tim "the Boss" Hall from Athens Georgia. He has over 15 years experience and is now coaching our boxing program. He supports all youth in health, confidence and respect. He is down to Earth and encourages every student to reach their full potential. He is available for 1-1 or small group coaching for kids and adults.


206 College Avenue SE

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​​Tel: (770) 503-0930


24/7 Access

Staffed M-F 11am-8pm

Saturdays 10am-2pm

Sundays 2-6pm

Formerly known as Iron Beast Barbell and Iron Beast Gym

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